Rock climbing on Ibiza

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An island with a climbing future

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Most people associate Ibiza with parties and discos. The true face of Ibiza with its beautiful nature is known by few. The island is definitely not one of the top climbing destinations in Europe, but Ibiza offers a variety of sports such as sports climbing, diving, biking, sailing, golfing, trekking etc., beaches with crystal clear water, interesting culture and good food. All this is worth a trip. As there is something for everyone, a holiday here is an experience.

There are about 20 well-developed climbing areas on the island with about 600 routes. And the possibility of new routes is far from exhausted. The route lengths are between 10-240 meters, mostly it is one pitch sportclimbing, but there are also more and more multi-pitch routes. The difficulties range between 4a and 8b, with a focus at 5a - 7a. Most of the climbing areas of Ibiza are located in the area of ​​Els Amunts near San Miguel / San Mateo, e.g. Punta Aubarca, Cala Aubarca, Jolibut, Egagropilas, La Cueva, Penyal de Aguila, Cap Creu. There is also Pared de Buda, near Cala d'Hort, the largest climbing area with about 120 routes. Here all the routes were renovated bit by bit since 2004 and equipped with new bolts. In most of the other climbing areas the condition of the bolts and belays is quite good. Sports climbers, who wish to climb toprope without having to climb up, find in almost every sport climbing area routes from where you can get to the belay from the top. More information you will find in the guide book.
For climbers with toddlers most of the climbing areas on Ibiza are unsuitable. Buda, Jolibut and Sol / Sombra are still the easiest to reach.
You find multi-pitch climbs up to 10 lengths in the more than 200m high coastal cliffs near San Miguel - Penyal / Punta de Aguilar, Cap Creu, Cap Rubio and the wall of Na Xamena.
In Ibiza you can climb all year round, but the summer months are often too hot for climbing in the interior of the country. During this time you better climb in the shade and near the sea. The best time is between Oct - June.

Everyone should bring their own climbing equipment.
With a rope of min. 60 meters length, approx. 10-15 quickdraws, a few round slings and HMS carabiner you can climb almost all the routes. Clamps, Friends and nuts are normally not necessary except for a few sparingly bolted sport-climbing- and multi-pitch routes.

As most of the climbing areas are located around San Miguel on the northwest coast of Ibiza, you can save yourself a lot of driving time if you stay close by.

Climbing Ibiza

Climbing guide IBIZA

As most climbing areas are difficult to find without help you can now buy our newly updated climbing guide in bookshops and online.  Accurate access information by foot and by car as well as information on family friendliness, location of the sectors and routes will give you an accurate overview and will help you to choose the area and to find your way. This climbing guide brings light into the slightly hidden climbing areas of Ibiza.

Here you can find the current climbing guide

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